Reservations must be made at least 24 hours in advance.

Request a reservation using the form below. We will review your request, and if available, email you to confirm.

We require the purchase of a 20$ gift card to secure your reservation. Why? : 

Please understand, we have had many problems with customers making a reservation, then never showing up. We then have had to turn away many walk-in customers to hold the table for this reservation, who never arrives. This leaves us with empty tables and, at the same time, unhappy customers unable to get a table. We would then have to offset this significant loss by increasing prices, which we do not want to do.  This is why we require the commitment of a gift card purchase. Please understand you may use the entire value of the gift card during your reservation, or at any other time. Finally, don't forget that if you do not show up for your reservation, we will deduct $20 from the value of your gift card to offset the loss.

Reservations requests made less than 24 hours in advance will be deleted unread.

Sorry! We are very busy during the day and cannot sit at the computer and process reservations. Please plan ahead to guarantee your table. Thanks, we love you!