Homemade Drinks:

Coconut Almond Honey Chai (Iced or Hot) - $4  ~  Hibiscus Limeade - $2

Bottled Drinks:

Sparkling Water, Bottled Water, Soft Drinks - $1 
San Pellegrino Sodas -  $1.75 ~ Pure Leaf Teas - $2.50

Snacks and Sides:

Rice + Beans  $1.75

Kale Slaw $1.75  

Chips + Salsa - $1.50

Chips + Corona-Lime Queso $2.25

Home Made Cookie-$1.00 

 Candy Bar-$1.00

Crispy Papadum + Chutney $2 

Add Cheddar Cheese -$.50 ~  Add Scoop of Queso-$.75  ~ Add Scoop of Curry-$2.00


Taco - $3.50  ~ Super Burrito - $8.75 ~ Nachos - $8.25 

~ Rice Bowl $8.25

All served with your choice of curry, chutney and our kale slaw


Dada's Red Chicken (GF/DF)
tender shredded oven-roasted chicken with garam masala and coconut milk

Saag Paneer  (Vegetarian/GF)
of Indian cheese sauteed with baby spinach and roasted onions in a yogurt curry sauce

Chana Masala  (Vegan/GF)
garbanzo beans and fresh kale with a zesty tomato-ginger sauce


Tamarind (Vegan/GF)

Sweet, mild, and tangy with tropical fruit flavor

Cilantro  (Vegan/GF) 

Medium heat with lots of fresh cilantro flavor, a touch of garlic, and lime

Green Chile Sriracha (Vegan/GF)

Spicy and sweet, with fresh jalapeno and serrano chiles
Raita (Vegetarian/GF)

Cooling flavors to mellow out the spice

Kale Slaw

kale, red and green cabbage, carrots, lemon-thyme vinaigrette

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