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House Favorite Plates


Soft Taco Plate – Two 6” corn or flour tortillas filled with your choice of our hearty guisado fillings (see below), served with beans, and rice. 

The Americano Burrito Plate – Homemade chorizo, bean, and cheese burrito, wrapped in a 13” flour tortilla with rice, cabbage, and chopped cilantro, served with a side of Roxy fries and our homemade ranch.

Green Chile Chicken Burrito Plate – Chicken chile verde burrito, with roasted green poblanos, wrapped in a 13” flour tortilla with cheddar cheese, rice, cabbage, and chopped cilantro, served with Roxy fries and our homemade ranch. $16.95

QuesoBirria Taco Plate – 4 corn tortillas filled with birria, tequila-lime pickled red onions, cilantro, and cheese, folded, griddled, and served with au jus dipping sauce, beans and rice. 

Taquito Burrito Plate - Chorizo, beans, rice, cheddar cheese, kale slaw, and chopped cilantro, in a grilled flour tortilla, stuffed with a crispy beef taquito, smothered with corona-lime queso, served with Roxy fries and our homemade ranch. 

Shiva Bowl (vegan/GF) – Rice bowl with curried sweet potatoes, veggies, and tofu, topped with kale slaw and chopped cilantro, served with tortilla chips and salsa ranchero.  (vegan)

Naan Taco Plate (vegan) – Garlic sesame naan with your choice of protein, served with Roxy Fries.

Build your own Roxy’s Dish

***Step 1: Choose one of the following:

Naan - Frybread – Burrito - Taco - Nachos - Rice Bowl - Quesadilla - Tacodilla 

***Step 2: Choose your guisado (protein or filling for your dish)

Chicken Chile Verde (dairy-free, gf)

Juicy chicken simmered with tomatillos and green chiles.

Vegan Chile Verde (gf)

Corn, black beans, and sweet potatoes, simmered with tomatillos

and green chiles.

Ground Beef Chorizo (dairy-free, gf)

Ground beef and pork with garlic and mild spices.

Birria (dairy-free, gf)

Slow cooked beef with red chile and oregano.

Red Chicken Curry (dairy-free, gf)

Pulled chicken with coconut blush sauce and secret spices.

Saag Paneer (vegetarian, gf)

Indian cheese with fresh spinach in a yogurt curry sauce.

Chana Masala (vegan, gf)

Braised chickpeas and kale with a tomato-ginger sauce.

Coconut Curry Sweet Potatoes (vegan, gf)

Tofu, peas, fava beans, and sweet potatoes in a creamy coconut curry. 

***Step 3: Add your choice of condiments from our chutney bar!

Cucumber Mint Raita (contains dairy)

Crema (contains dairy)

Tamarind Ginger Chutney

Chipotle Crema (contains dairy)

Cilantro Chutney

Green Chile Sriracha

Mango Habanero Chutney

***Add-Ons - optional

Roasted Green Chiles

Side of Corona-Lime Queso (contains dairy)

Tequila-Lime Pickled Onions 

Homemade Ranch (contains dairy)

Salsa Ranchero

Tomatillo Guacamole

Add Corona-Lime Queso (contains dairy)

Bar Menu

Martinis – 5oz or 7oz

Last Word – Gin, chartreuse, maraschino liqueur, and lime. 

Chaitini – Vanilla vodka, ginger syrup, and homemade chai. 

Lavender Martini – Gin, lavender simple syrup, butterfly flower, and dry vermouth.

Bellinitini – Vodka, peach liquor, lemon, and sparkling wine. 

Earl Grey Martini – Earl grey infused Jones gin, earl grey simple syrup, and dry sherry. 

Green Monster - Cucumber infused sake, fresh mint, gin, limoncello, and melon liqueur. 

Negroni Spagliotto - Amaro, gin, bitters, sweet vermouth, and sparkling wine.

Espresso Martini – Vanilla vodka, espresso, coffee liqueur, cream, and aquafaba. 

Cotton Candy Cosmo – Cotton candy, vanilla vodka, lime, triple sec, and cranberry. 

Boochitini – Vodka, dry sherry, and homemade kombucha.

Bijou – Chartreuse, gin, and sweet vermouth. 

New York Sour – Bourbon, lemon, simple syrup, and red wine.

Calvados Sidecar – Copper & Kings apple brandy, cointreau, and lemon. 

Mexican Martinez – Corazon reposado, bitters, maraschino liqueur, sweet vermouth. 

Grapefruit Drop – Ruby red vodka, triple sec, and lemon. 

French Martini – Vodka, fleur charmante, pineapple, and lemon. 


House Margarita – You know it and love it! 100% agave tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime.

Mirror margarita – Crystal clear, bursting with citrus flavors and 100% agave tequila.

Skinny Margarita – A deliciously lighter and cleaner marg.

Spicy Mango Margarita – Serrano chile infused tequila with mango and a tajin rim.

Cadillac Margarita – All the best stuff: Cointreau, Patron Silver, and a float of Grand Marnier.

Hibiscus Margarita – Tequila, triple sec, lime, and hibiscus.



Sex on the Slopes – Hibiscus, peach liqueur, vodka, and lemon.

Velvet Hammer – Smooth and deadly, with Guiness stout and prosecco.

AMF – Gin, vodka, tequila, rum, and blue curacao.

Champagne Pina Colada – A fizzy twist on a classic, with rum, pineapple, and coconut.

Amaro Spritz – Sparkling wine, amaro, and soda water.

Mango Ginger Gin Fizz –Gin with mango, ginger, lemon, and aquafaba, topped with soda.

Watermelon Red Bull Mojito – Silver rum, mint, and lime topped with watermelon red bull.

Pink Vodka Fizz – Pink peppercorn vodka, rose water, cranberry, aquafaba, lemon, and soda.

Mind Eraser – Layered shot you drink with a straw, with coffee liqueur, vodka, and club soda.

Kir Royale – Crème de Cassis and Prosecco. 

Charming Flower – Vodka, fleur charmante, lemon, and soda.

Maple Bourbon Smash – Bourbon, lemon, maple, mint, and soda.

Dark and Stormy – Dark rum, homemade ginger beer, and lime. 

Peach Snapple – Iced tea, peach liqueur, vodka, and lemon. 

Mission Street – Homemade cantaloupe agua fresca with tequila.

Classic Mojito – Silver rum, mint, simple syrup, lime, and soda. 

Mexican Mule – Homemade ginger beer and lime with tequila. 

Chilled Shots – Shaken and Strained

Green Tea – Irish whiskey, apple and peach liqueur, and citrus. 

Red-Headed Slut - Jägermeister, cranberry, and peach. 

Ferrari – Amaro and Fernet.


Spa Water Bomb – Soda water, cucumber infused sake, butterfly flower, with a limoncello side shot dropped in.

Irish Car Bomb – Guiness stout with a side shot of Irish whiskey and Irish Cream dropped in. 

Flaming Dr. Pepper Bomb – Amaretto and 151, set ablaze, dropped in a glass of Coke. 

Jager Bomb – Red bull with a side shot of Jagermeister dropped in.


Draft Beer                                                        Canned and Bottled Beer

Coors Banquet                                                            PBR 

Coors Light                                                                  Guinness Stout Draft Can

Modelo Especial                                                          Hard Seltzer

Modelo Negra                                                              Corona 

Ska Pinstripe Red                                                         Bud

Ska Euphoria Pale Ale                                                 Bud Light

Ska Hazy IPA 


White Wine by the Glass                              Red Wine by the Glass

House White                                                                House Red

Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay                          Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

Francis Ford Coppola Pinot Grigio                           Bread and Butter Cabernet

Francis Ford Coppola Rose                                       G3 Merlot 

Jeio Prosecco                                                      

Wine by the Bottle

House White                                                                  House Red 

Francis Ford Coppola Chardonnay                            Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

Francis Ford Coppola Pinot Grigio                             Bread and Butter Cabernet 

Francis Ford Coppola Rose                                         G3 Merlot 

Jeio Prosecco                                         

Soft Drinks 

Fountain Soda (free refills)                             Homemade Ginger Beer

Sparkling Lavender Lemonade                     Sparkling Earl Grey Arnold Palmer

Coconut Chai                                                   Hibiscus Limeade 

Hibiscus Spritz                                                 Sparkling Lemonade

Cantaloupe Agua Fresca                                Homemade Kombucha

Kombucha Spritz                                             Hibiscus Spritz

Red Bull 

We are proud of our quality well spirit selection!

Spring 44 Vodka – Spring 44 Gin - Benchmark Bourbon - Monte Alban Tequila - Don Q Silver Rum - Duggan’s Dew Scotch - Paddy’s Irish Whisky - Calypso Spiced Rum - Black Magic Dark Rum

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